Check out the Reactions from the ‘Star Wars’ Cast on the New Trailer

Monday night was a night of many emotions and reactions, all thanks to the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. From film critics to dedicated Star Wars fans, people everywhere shared their reaction while watching the trailer. The best reactions in my opinion, came from the cast themselves.

Daisy Ridley (who plays Rey) and John Boyega (who plays Finn) took to Instagram and shared their reactions to seeing the trailer for the first time. These emotions are everything a fan would want to see from the next generation of actors carrying future Star Wars films. They’re very real too. Just consider when they first heard that they earned a role in the next Star Wars film(s). Then after months of hard work, they actually see themselves in a full length trailer, and all that hard work paid off. Their dreams are now reality.

Enough talk from me though, see how they took in the new Star Wars trailer for the first time:

(Image comes from The Wrap)

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