‘Back to the Future’ Day Has Arrived; Toyota, Pepsi & USA Today Celebrate with Fans

How many of you have your social media feeds filled with people celebrating ‘Back to the Future’ Day? My news feed is filled with these posts, and I love it. The influence that the trilogy had on 80’s pop culture is still strong today.

If you get a chance to check out Back to the Future playing at your local theater today, definitely do so, especially if you have kids who’ve never seen the film. Of course you can always watch it at home, but no experience compares to the big screen.

Also getting in on all the fun is Toyota, Pepsi, and USA TODAY.

Toyota got Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox together again to reprise their iconic roles for a lengthy commercial. The two are sitting at a diner discussing what the film actually got right, as far as today’s technology. They then go on a mini adventure with a young engineer (who’s a big Back to the Future fan).

Pepsi is bringing back a familiar product in Pepsi Perfect. The beverage was featured in Part II and the company has decided to do a limited release of the replica. Unfortunately, only 6,500 Pepsi bottles were made, selling at $20.15 a piece, and those bottles went fast. Hopefully, Pepsi will find it in themselves to make more!

Lastly, USA Today printed a replica of the newspaper featured in the movie. Every printed newspaper today will feature one of these covers, so go out and get yours!

USA Today

Christopher Lloyd 6.JPG

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