‘Die Hard’ Is About to Do the Worse Thing Possible to John McClane

An untitled sixth Die Hard film starring Bruce Willis has been in development for sometime. Now most of you might be against this after the latest disaster film A Good Day to Die Hard. However, these days its all about money and the film still made over $300 million dollars.

I do think there’s more that can be done with this franchise. I was a fan of the ’07 Live Free or Die Hard, as it put the John McClane character in a modern day setting, facing cyber terrorism. Deadline has reported the director of ‘Live Free‘, Len Wiseman is being approached by the studio to return for the upcoming film. Its great news, for reasons I just mentioned.

The bad news is the studio wants the next film to be a prequel. According to the report, Fox wants a screenplay to be written where Willis splits screen time with a younger version of himself (think Looper without time travel). The idea is for the main action to take place in 1979, showing McClane as a gritty New York City cop, and have Willis involved in some extent.

I HATE this idea for so many reasons. This franchise doesn’t need a reboot, because it can still tell more stories. Even at 60 years old, Bruce Willis still has more to offer as John McClane. BRUCE WILLIS IS JOHN MCCLANE. The most recent film tried to split the action/focus between him and his son (Jai Courtney), and from the looks of it fans hated the result. This idea of a reboot is better served for the next Indiana Jones film.

Hopefully this idea get scrapped in favor of a previous rumor. There have been whispers the next Die Hard film could reunite Willis with Samuel L. Jackson from Die Hard: With a Vengeance. That’s an idea that could work, plus I loved their chemistry. With a Vengeance is probably my second favorite film after the first. Will it happen? We’ll have to wait and see where they go with the franchise.

Do you like the idea of a Die Hard reboot? Should the franchise end if Bruce Willis gives us one more good Die Hard? Let us know how you feel about this news.

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    • Thank you for the comment. Willis & Jackson have a great chemistry that’s fun to watch. We saw it in ‘Die Hard w/ a Vengeance’ & ‘Unbreakable’. Hopefully we’ll see it again soon.

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