Trading Cards for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Confirm Details about Rey (Minor Spoilers)

As far as teaser trailers go, Lucasfilm has been very SUPER SECRETIVE in regards to The Force Awakens. We still haven’t seen our first look at Luke or Leia. Its interesting though just how much information about the characters are revealed via. toys, merchandise, and even trading cards.

Now in my opinion, everything we’ve learned so far in regards to a couple of main characters (Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren) is far from spoiling the movie. However, if you’re someone who lives by the notion “the less I know the better“, then you shouldn’t be reading this!

Some new information has been revealed (via. Latino Review) regarding the Rey character. Check out the trading cards below for some SPOILERISH details.


Just in case you didn’t get it, Rey is listed as a jedi.

There’s been lots of speculation in regards to this news. This honestly raises more questions than answers. Does this confirm she’s the child of Han Solo and Leia? When we first meet her, what stage of a jedi is she (padwan, knight, master)? Those are just a few questions. In regards to that last question, remember there’s another rumor regarding a scene involving (SPOILERS) her fighting a room full of Stormtroopers and Knights of Ren.

I must also recognize the misdirection that’s present here. The most recent (15 sec.) teaser showed Finn wielding a lightsaber, making fans believe he would become a jedi. Maybe he still does later on down the road.

Anyways, let us know what you make of this news. What more does this tell us about Rey?

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    • Same here. They’ve been pretty good about it so far.
      Now since the film releases a day or two earlier in foreign countries (U.K), we gotta be extra careful when browsing the internet.

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