Rumor Central: ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer #3 – When Can we Expect it?

I’ve probably seen enough from Batman v Superman to guarantee my ticket purchase for opening night. However, I’m very curious at how Warner Bros will proceed with their marketing after that nearly four minute trailer released at comic con.

Now don’t get me wrong, with the absence of Marvel at comic con it was Warner who needed to make a statement, especially since BvS would release prior to next year’s comic con. The trailer did just that, and then some (obliterating the Batfleck haters).

Heroic Hollywood has unveiled some new information (below) on when we can expect a new trailer for BvS. According to their Editor-in-Chief (Umberto Gonzalez), WB will release two teasers prior to a full length third trailer. Here’s how it’ll happen…

1) A minute long BvS teaser trailer focusing on Superman airs Monday October 26 on CBS during Supergirl.
2) A minute long BvS teaser trailer focusing on Batman airs that same night over on FOX during Gotham.
3) Both teasers lead to a full new length BvS trailer to be released theatrically in November (Creed).

Strategy wise, this is pretty clever marketing on WB’s part. The studio is bringing attention to both TV shows featuring their DC properties, with teasers focusing on characters related to those specific shows. I do like the strategy, but my only concern for fans is how much new footage will be unveiled? Its possible the studio is trying to reach out to a wider audience. Of course watching the teasers is also completely optional.

However you feel about it, be sure to set your DVRs, if you want to be the first ones to see the teasers. Or you could be like the majority of others and just wait for it to release online (and here).

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