Tom Hardy Should be Next Wolverine, According to Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman visited MTV to promote his upcoming film Pan. As excited as his fans are about him playing the Blackbeard character in that film, they also were hoping for an update regarding Wolverine 3.

Fans like myself, who first saw Jackman play Wolverine on the big screen back in 2000, are very sad to see him retire after a third film. The billion dollar question everyone’s been asking is “who should replace him”? Jackman himself gave us an answer, and his choice was a popular one.

That’s a great question. I haven’t given it a lot of thought. I’ve been asked the question a lot and I’m always like “I don’t want to make it too easy on the studio to replace me.” I’ve still got one more to do. I’m sure they’re already talking about it, that some actor out there they’ve already said “shhhh… keep it quiet but we want you next.”

He’s younger than me for sure, I think Tom Hardy would be a great…

Tom Hardy as Wolverine

Fan Art from Bosslogic

I can neither confirm or deny that Hardy was my first choice. Simply put it, I can’t see anyone else playing Wolverine. Now I absolutely support Jackman’s choice, because if anyone knows what it takes both physically and mentally to play the character, its him.

Considering the release date for Wolverine 3 (2017), we’re at least five years away from seeing a new Wolverine onscreen. Will Fox decide to go younger, to fit with their young cast debuting in X-Men: Apocalypse? If not, then waste no time giving the role to Hardy, who is currently 38.

What say you and Hugh Jackman’s pick for the next Wolverine? If not sold, be sure to tell us why.

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