Film Duel (Fan Poll): The Warriors vs The Droogs – Who Would Win in a Fight?

Our first ever fan poll has arrived! Every Sunday we’ll do a fun little poll for everyone to be involved…

This idea came from a YouTube comment, where somebody asked who would win in a fight between The Warriors and The Droogs (from a Clockwork Orange). Its a very interesting debate, and one I find exciting enough to ask you.

For this poll, I’m going to set some rules (with explanations) to make the fight as fair as possible, and to also make things a bit more interesting. My fight, my rules. So now that we’re clear, lets get it started!

Rule #1 – Prior to the fight, The Droogs will drink their “milk-plus”, which is said to “sharpen you up”. I’m allowing this because I view The Warriors as a gang that’s on another level than most other gangs. They beat up crew after crew on their way home, while The Droogs really only fought one rival gang in their film (plus the milk is kind of their thing before going out). This will make The Droogs more of a challenge, which is important as you’ll find out why…

Rule #2 – The fight will take place on Coney Island.

Rule #3 – Since The Droogs only have four members, I’m going to only include four members for The Warriors. Those four are Swan (the intern leader), Ajax (hot head tough guy), Cochise (afro, wears the tribal gear), and the fourth… see Rule #4.

Rule #4 – Just in case you thought The Droogs would have an unfair advantage with their drink, I’m giving The Warriors …. their original leader Cleon back. That’s right, he’s been resurrected and is back from the dead, and is now their fourth member!

Rule #5 – No Guns (duh!).

Now that you know the rules, its time to vote and let us know who you think wins! Also give us some feedback on this poll.

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