Michael B. Jordan Must Become More Than a Name in a New TV Spot & Poster for ‘Creed’

If you’re like me, than you’re pretty much losing your mind over the Rocky spin-off Creed. Yeah, it feels like the trailers so far have given a good amount away, but who freaking cares! Every moment from the trailers has been nothing short of spectacular, creating some serious buzz around this film.

As the title gives, Creed will follow the son of Apollo Creed, Adonis Johnson, as he travels to Philadelphia to find his father’s greatest friend and ask him to train him in the ring. With the help of the ill Rocky, Johnson soon learns that it takes much more than a big punch to become a true fighter.

Although we (unfortunately) won’t be seeing the movie until November, Warner Bros. is pulling a smart move and slowly engraving this film into peoples minds. And although many fans may enjoy gradually seeing more of the movie, I for one probably won’t watch anything but those first two trailers… As you can tell, I’m already completely sold on this film and am going to see it the first chance I get. But enough about that, below you can check out a brand new clip, TV spot and poster for Creed:

I didn’t watch the videos from above, but I can only think that they are just as good and as powerful as its trailers have been so far. The one thing Creed has excelled at so far is making sure we know that this is Adonis Johnson’s story, with Rocky joining him to guide him just as Mickey did for him all those years ago.

Michael B. Jordan is the perfect actor to step in and take over this franchise as I’m sure that’s where it’s headed, but it’s pretty damn cool to see Sylvester Stallone step back into the role of Rocky. I’m very much looking forward to this older and wiser Rocky as he trains/mentors the son of his biggest rival and best friend. Not to mention that Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler is at the helm, wow.

'Creed' Teaser Poster

Creed steps into theaters on November 25th, 2015. Directed by Ryan Coogler starring Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, and Phylicia Rashad.

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