‘Furious 7’ Honest Trailer: Car Wars: Episode VII

With all of the gigantic blockbusters that have been released this year, it’s hard to remember that Furious 7 was the beginning of that craze. With an early April release date, Furious 7 dominated the box-office and review boards as it not only went bigger in ways we couldn’t even think of, but said goodbye to one of if not the franchises most popular and loved characters, Brian O’Connor played by Paul Walker.

There’s no doubt that fans rushed to theaters to see how this franchise was going to say farewell to the character, but they also did so to watch and be amazed by the outrageous stunts that take place in these beloved movies. And those outrageous stunts are exactly what grabbed the attention of Screen Junkies, as they give the latest entry into the Fast & Furious franchise their honest trailer treatment.

Furious 7 is currently available on blu-ray and DVD.

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