The First Trailer for Jon Favreau’s ‘The Jungle Book’ Is Here & It’s Just Spectacular

The 1967 The Jungle Book is one of the most beloved animated films of all-time, a film that still stands the test of time. Ever since it hit theaters all those years ago, children everywhere are introduced to Mogli, the characters, and the world around him as they grow up. For years now, ever since that just okay live-action 'The Jungle Book' Logoversion back in the early 90s, everyone has been calling for another live-action telling of this classic tale.

Well, wish granted. Iron Man director Jon Favreau has been working damn hard over the last few years to bring us the live-action telling of The Jungle Book that it truly deserves. Weeks ago at Disney’s D23 event, the first official look at the film was shown to those attending and many walked out raving that it without a doubt stole the entire event. How prominent is that? Well other properties like Captain America: Civil War and Star Wars were also there, and Favreau’s The Jungle Book stole the show. Interested yet?

Well get interested because the first official trailer dropped earlier this morning and holy s**t it looks to be everything we’ve wanted from a live-action version of The Jungle Book. The following trailer is a lengthly teaser, but it gives us such an amazing look into the film. It has all the elements from the original film, just amplified. It is just a trailer, its first trailer, but what an incredible first look at the film.

I really, really, really enjoyed this trailer. The Jungle Book animated film is held very dear to my heart, and to see it given such a stunning treatment is so relieving. The tone is what I was hoping for, the look is absolutely beautiful, and the true magic of the original film is definitely felt. Bravo Favreau, bravo.

The Jungle Book swings into theaters on April 15th, 2016. Directed by Jon Favreau starring Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong’o, Scarlett Johansson, and Christopher Walken.

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