Edward ‘Snowden’ Biopic Gets Pushed Back a Year

Some disappointing news regarding one of my highly anticipated films for this year’s Oscar season, as the upcoming Edward Snowden biopic has been pushed back from 2015 to 2016. The film is directed by Oscar winning director Oliver Stone, and stars Joseph Gordon Levitt as the former NSA employee who leaked classified information.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio (Open Road Pictures) claims the film is not quite finished yet. That’s pretty much why.

As disappointing as it is to wait an entire year, its also understandable for the studio to make sure the film is where it needs to be. After watching the 2014 Oscar winning Edward Snowden documentary CitizenFour, I’ve had high hopes and expectations for this film.


Its also worth noting that many believe Oliver Stone hasn’t directed a really good film in quite awhile (for me it was World Trade Center back in ’06). Therefore, any real film fan shouldn’t mind the highly talented director taking his time and getting this right.

While it’ll be another year until we see Joseph Gordon Levitt as Snowden, the actor also has another biopic coming out later this year called The Walk. In that film, Levitt plays real life wire walker Philippe Petit, who dared to walk across the very top of the Twin Towers back in ’74. That film will release on September 30th.

No new release date has been announced for Snowden. The film also stars Shailene Woodley. Check out the teaser trailer below.

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