‘The Keeping Room’ Trailer, Images & Poster: Brit Marling & Hailee Steinfeld Are Strong Sisters Fighting for Their Lives During the Civil War

It was a very harsh time back in the day during the Civil War. Not only were we plunging ourselves into chaos against each other, but it was also just a completely different playing field for women everywhere. Now through cinema, we’ve seen a ton of tellings of the Civil War time period, most if not all from the point of view of soldiers and/or men. But what about the women? What was it like during that time? We may not know the exact facts, but The Keeping Room definitely gives us one take on it.

Starring Brit Marling, The Keeping Room

Tells the story of three Southern women – two sisters and one African American slave – who, left without men in the dying days of the Civil War, are forced to defend their home from the onslaught of a band of soldiers who have broken off from the fast approaching Union Army.

Along with the first trailer, there have also been a number of new images and first poster released, which you can see below:

This trailer has got some power behind it… I wasn’t expecting something like this when I started to watch it, but I’m really glad it hit me the way it did. I’m always down for a different and fresh take one something we’ve seen before, and this definitely fits the build. The American Civil War was not only a tragic time for a our country, but an extremely interesting one because of all the stories that can be told. I know, that does sound pretty bad, but think about it. There wasn’t just a war going on between ourselves, there was definitely more than that, which makes me very interested in something like The Keeping Room.

You can also see more of the film with this batch of images and its poster, featuring Hailee Steinfeld, Muna Otaru, and Sam Worthington alongside star Brit Marling.

The Keeping Room has a limited September 25th, 2015 release date. Directed by Daniel Barber starring Brit Marling, Hailee Steinfeld, Muna Otaru and Sam Worthington.

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