‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Honest Trailer: A 2 Hour Game of Mario Kart from Hell

Not that any of us were surprised following its trailers, but the return to the wasteland in Mad Max: Fury Road was one of if not the most enjoyable and masterful films of the summer. A beautifully crafted film from the mind of George Miller who brought the franchise back in an absolutely huge way.

Now although I thought Fury Road was the most flawless film I’ve seen in years, not everyone feels that way. Not to say that Screen Junkies isn’t a fan of it, because they are, but their honest trailer for Fury Road takes a different approach this time around. Instead of making of fun of it like usual, it just points at some things that could be a bit different, as well as completely praising it as the same time.

Not bad, right? Hopefully watching the honest trailer for the latest Mad Max hasn’t changed your feeling of the movie, as I know it definitely didn’t for me. What did you think about Mad Max: Fury Road? Did it exceed or not come close to your expectations? What did you love, like or not like about it? Would you like to see a sequel? Let me know below!

Mad Max: Fury Road is released on blu-ray and DVD on September 1st, 2015.

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