From ‘Star Wars’ to Marvel & More, Movie Talk Express & I Breakdown Everything D23

Are you a fan of everything Disney? Well if you are Disney’s D23 is probably the perfect place/event for you. Basically considered Disney’s own comic-con, the D23 Expo is where Walt Disney Studios brings every one of their major upcoming projects to one giant event for the fans. What kind of things does that include? Just small names like Star Wars, Marvel Studios’ cinematic universe, Pixar, and more.

Now not everyone can be there and keep track of all the goodies that are talked about over that weekend, but that’s where we come in. My friends over at Movie Talk Express and I sat down to discuss and breakdown everything that went down at the expo, which you can listen to below:

Now if you don’t have time to listen to it all or just aren’t interested in everything Disney, here is each panel we talked about broken up into separate videos for your viewing (hearing) pleasure:

What do you think? What things did you love, like or not like that came out of Disney’s D23? What are your thoughts towards everything they talked about? Which one(s) are you looking forward to over others (other than Star Wars that is)? Sound off below!

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