The ‘Fantastic Four’ B-Roll Reveals Much of What Unfortunately Didn’t Make the Final Cut

If you’ve seen 20th Century Fox’s Fantastic Four and come to the same conclusion that most did, then you know that the attempted reboot can basically be summed up as a massive destruction. It wasn’t just a complete mess of a movie, but the behind-the-scenes reports, rumors and everything else have this superhero movie being one of the biggest all-around failures in a long time.

For the most, all the problems with Fantastic Four come from issues between the studio and its director Josh Trank, among other things. But aside from that, there were also a ton of things that just went terribly wrong within the film as well, including things such as the script, scene choices, character development and so on.

Now, going along with all the just horrid news revolving around this film coming out over the last week or two, for some odd reason Fox decided to release the films official b-roll footage. Now I say odd because it adds to the question that everyone has been asking, “What the hell happened?” While watching the following b-roll footage, see if you can point out how many of the following shots are not actually in the final cut that was released.

I don’t know about you, but it felt like almost every single shot from the b-roll footage wasn’t in the movie. We’ve seen multiple on multiple moments from trailers and so on that we didn’t see in when we sat down to watch the movie, but now we see even more of what wasn’t in the movie with this b-roll footage. It just makes me wonder, what could’ve been? It feels like they had finished the movie and were into its VFX stage, then basically reshot the entire film into what we saw a few weeks ago.

Will we ever see the true Fantastic Four that we were meant to see? Problem not, but I sure as hell hope so.  Fox is going to lose millions on this film, so why not release Josh Trank’s vision of the film and see how audiences react to that? Whether that’s in theaters or a special blu-ray in a few months, I think it needs to happen. If you listened to my audio review of the film, you know how incredibly disappointed I was with this movie, pissed off actually. I don’t remember the last time I hated a movie this much… With that said, if Fox did shockingly decide to give us Trank’s actual version of Fantastic Four, I would one of the first in line to check it out because I want to know what the hell happened with this movie.

What did you think of the b-roll footage? Do you agree or disagree with what I’m saying? What do you think happened to Fantastic Four? Will we ever see a director’s cut of the movie? Comment below!

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