‘Sicario’, ‘Pan’ & ‘Black Mass’ All Get Their Own Set of Character Posters

A whole bunch of cool character posters have been released over the last week for three of the more exciting movies to be released over the next few months. Denis Villeneuve’s drug war film Sicario, Warner Bros. Peter Pan origin story Pan, and the Whitey Bulger biopic Black Mass starring Johnny Depp are all films that I’m really looking forward to seeing, and now we get better looks at each of their main players.

Villeneuve’s last outing in Prisoners was just incredible, and his follow-up looks even better. Starring Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, and Josh Brolin, Sicario looks to be an intensely thrilling ride from across the border. Not only do I completely dig the cast (especially Emily Blunt), but Villeneuve’s style, tone, and just overall feel fits this kind of film so damn well and I’m biting at the bit to check it out.

We’ve seen many incarnations of the Peter Pan story before, but as far as I remember, there’s never really been an origin story for the character. Warner Bros. new live-action adaptation of the classic tale looks to be a true origin story for the character, and a damn good one. From all the footage and everything we’ve seen, Joe Wright’s Pan looks beautiful and just magical. It looks like a big, fun and exciting take on the story with all the characters we know. Not only that, but the cast is fantastic, which you can see from tin center in these brand new character posters. I don’t know about you, but Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily just keeps catching my eye…

If you’ve never heard of the name Whitey Bulger, you’re missing out. Probably one of if not our countries most well known and notorious gangster, the life of Whitey Bulger is pretty fascinating. Black Mass is going to chronicle much of what the guy was about, with Johnny Depp playing him. The trailers so far have been interesting, but haven’t really grabbed me like I hoped they would. Even so, I’ll definitely be going to check it out as it not only sounds dramatic and just intense, but Depp’s portrayal of Bulger looks so creepy that it just can’t be missed.

What do you think of the new posters? Like any specific ones more than others? What about the films trailers? Which ones have you loved, liked or not so much like (fi any)?

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