5 Favorites: Superhero Films Not Based on Comics

This post was inspired by ScreenRant’s12 Movie Superheroes Not Based on Comics“. It gave me the idea to do a Five Favorites on this subject, plus I haven’t done one in awhile.

So, here are Five of my Favorite superhero films not based on comics.

Blankman and The Other Guy (Blankman)

Talk about a superhero film that’s stupid as hell, then look no further than Blankman. I loved this film growing up and will still watch it if I come across it on cable.

Damon Wayans plays a nerdy genius who decides to become a superhero after suffering a personal tragedy. He takes on the name Blankman and does his best in defeating crime. The action sequences are inspired by Adam West’s Batman, with the whole POW color effects and sound.

As a comedy film, its actually pretty funny in my opinion. The exchanges in dialogue between Blankman and his brother (played by David Allen Grier) are some of the highlights. Also, who could forget Blankman’s cheap version of R2-D2 in J-5. Such a cult classic.

Hancock (Hancock)

Call me an asshole, one more time“, Will Smith says to the kid. What follows next is one of the funniest moments I’ve ever seen in a superhero movie. Will Smith as Hancock was awesome and fun.

This was back during a time when Smith was still Box Office King. The Hancock character was dark, yet gritty. A superhero that was an alcoholic, because he’s not sure where he fits in. That can be very lonely. It also doesn’t help that people don’t like him, despite his good deeds.

This was a much different superhero film in a year which also featured The Dark Knight and IronMan. I think this film is very underrated, and one which deserves a sequel. Also, Charlize Theron in this film might be the sexiest superhero we’ve ever had. Bring on the sequel!

Crimson Bolt and Boltie (Super)

One day I was browsing through channels on the TV when I came across Kevin Bacon eating eggs with Rainn Wilson in this strange movie. When I pressed the info button, I found out it was an independent superhero/comedy directed by James Gunn who was prepping to direct Guardians of the Galaxy. And after watching the entire film, I was then really looking forward to Gunn directing a Marvel movie.

Super looks and is very much an independent film, with a very impressive cast. Rainn Wilson plays a good hearted man who loses his wife (Liv Tyler) to her addiction to drugs and to a drug dealer (Kevin Bacon). He finds inspiration to fight crime and hopefully win by his wife by becoming the Crimson Bolt.

This film has that dark comedy and violence, as one would expect from a James Gunn indie. The performances are really good and the comedy is on point. At the time, I was attracted to Ellen Page (don’t judge), and she played a really good side kick with mental issues named Boltie. I’m over her now, but I still love this film.

Steve Montgomery and Matt Garetty (Chronicle)

Josh Trank has found his way onto this post with his debut film Chronicle. Before Fantastic Four, Trank gave us something fresh in both the superhero and found footage genre. This was also a film that put two actors on the list of rising stars, in Michael B. Jordan and Dane Dehaan.

Unfortunately, Dehaan doesn’t make this list due to him going insane. Instead, its the characters of Steve Montgomery and Matt Garetty (Alex Russell), who made having super powers look so fun. Everything from them moving cars, throwing baseballs at each others faces, and nearly getting hit by a commercial airliner was fun to watch.

This film felt like a real version of highschool kids with super powers. When it was fun it was entertaining, when it was dark it was intense. Probably what I loved the most was the development of the friendship between the three. Great film.

The Incredibles (The Incredibles)

There was no way I would make this list without including The Incredibles. Right in the center of Pixar’s prime came a film about a family of superheroes trying to live a normal life. The film established a world of superheroes who were loved and welcomed everywhere. As time moved on, so did the idea of superheroes.

This was a film for both children and adults (as are all of Pixar’s films really). Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible was so focused on reliving his glory days, while Helen Parr aka Elastagirl put those days behind her. The children realize they have superpowers but aren’t sure how to act normal and fit in with everyone else.

This is one of Pixar’s best films. Seeing them all come together and work as a team was something special. After many many years, I’m so glad we’re finally getting a sequel.

There are plenty more superhero films not based on comics, and tell us yours. Any of them different from this list, or featured on this list? Let us know.

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