‘Fantastic Four’ (2015) Audio Review: There’s Shockingly Nothing Fantastic About Fox’s Rebooted Attempt of Marvel’s First Family

20th Century Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot is now officially in theaters. As some of us (very less than expected) rushed out to check out if Fox, Josh Trank and others could give us the Fantastic Four film we’ve all been waiting for, did it live up to what we were hoping?

Last Friday I joined Jacob and Gio of Movie Talk Express to sit down and dig deep into the new Fantastic Four. And remember, this full review will go head on into SPOILERS and if you haven’t seen the film and don’t want to know, it probably be a good idea to bookmark the review and come back to it once you’ve seen the movie. But if you have seen the movie or just don’t care about spoilers, take a listen below as we give our full take on Fantastic Four.

What do you think? So at the time we did this review, as you can tell I absolutely despised what this film was all about. And like I said, it had nothing to do with the cast, writer, story, anything like that – it was just executed horribly. I don’t put full blame on Josh Trank because I know that the studio had a s**t ton to do with how terribly sloppy and edited it was, especially the back-half. Let’s be honest, the first 45 minutes felt like a Trank movie where as each scene of the last hour felt like it was directed by a different director, that f**king bad. Can’t you tell that I’m pretty upset about it?

I will say that I went to watch it again to see if it really deserved that 3.5/10 I gave it, the worst rating I’ve ever given. And I am happy to say that I will go just a tad bit higher after seeing it a second time. Although it’s still a god-awful film, I see what they were trying to do because of certain sources and words coming out over the last few days. It sucks with all the bad thing revolving around this film right now, but I personally do hope they move forward with a sequel and learn from their mistakes on this one. These characters deserve much more than this and although I’d love to see them go back to Marvel, Fantastic Four (alongside X-Men) is big enough and popular enough to have their own franchise and universe.

So with all that being said and all I said in my review, I’m actually going to jump my 3.5/10 to a 4/10. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but that’s a big leap considering how incredibly disappointed, frustrated, and truly pissed off I was walking out the first time I saw it. I hope Fox (and others) learns from what happened with this one and hope we see its sequel stay put in its 2017 release date. Why? Because I want to see Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Jaime Bell return as these characters badly – as long as they are given more to do the next time around (action, character moments, fun, action).

What did you think of Fantastic Four? Did you hate it just as much as I did? Was it at least watchable? Or did you enjoy what you saw? Do you hope Fox will go ahead with its sequel? Where would you like to see the sequel go? Director, writer, etc? Sound off below!

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  1. Nice! So you liked it a little more after the second time! It’s funny cuz my score went down from a 6.5 to a 5 after seeing it again but I still like the beginning, the end was just worst the second time around.

    • Oh it’s still horrible, the back-half still makes me hate the first half like before. But after seeing it, I see that the studio just f-ed it up, that they just ruined it.

      • Yea I feel bad for the cast dude cuz they were probably stoked about what the movie was supposed to be and now they’re being negatively perceived because of the outcome.

      • Not on them at all, they just weren’t given ANYTHING to work with at all. & watching it again, I realized the last hour is all reshoots…everything. None of the last hour was actually from the original production.

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