‘The Last Witch Hunter’ New Trailer & Posters: Vin Diesel Is Afraid of Nothing

The teaser trailer for Lionsgate and Breck Eisner‘s The Last Witch Hunter gave us just a peak at what Kaulder (Vin Diesel), the world’s last witch hunter, will truly be up against. Now a new trailer has just been released, one that digs much deeper into Kaulder’s past and what kind of forces he’ll be up against in present day.

For those who don’t know, Diesel’s character Kaulder was once a member of a witch hunting army, but before he could slay the Queen Witch, she cursed him with immortality and now he’s the last of his kind. SO far through promos it looks like Eisner, his team and the cast have very much embraced this idea. Plus, the mythology behind it all is actually pretty intriguing. See for yourself in the new trailer below.

Like I said above, it’s actually a really cool idea. And of course the ultimate selling point is Diesel himself, who has only been doing projects he believes in for the better part of the last decade or so. Not only him either, I really dig seeing Rose Leslie in there, as I was a huge fan of her Game of Thrones character Ygritte. But so far, The Last Witch Hunter looks like it could be a pretty fun and interesting sci-fi/fantasty world to jump into, one that at least deserves a shot.

The Last Witch Hunter lands in theaters on October 23rd, 2015. Directed by Breck Eisner starring Vin Diesel, Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood, and Michael Caine.

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