‘Fantastic Four’ (2005) Honest Trailer: Craptastic Bore

Fox’s rebooted attempt at Fantastic Four hits this weekend and before we all rush out to see if they can succeed at it, let’s take a stroll down one dark and pretty bad memory lane. Fox’s first attempt at Marvel’s first family was.. let’s just say less than what we hoped. In fact, they were so bad that they are considered the worst of modern day comic book movies, the line that we hope a comic book franchise will never come near again.

Although Tim Story and his cast/crew had good intentions and tried to give us a good Fantastic Four and sequel, they are constantly bashed on when they are brought up, which is deserved. So before I really dig deep into my specific feelings of the two films, let’s have a little fun while again realizing how bad they actually are.

Take a look at the genius of Screen Junkies of what kind of Honest Trailer treatment they’ve given the original Fantastic Four movies:

This weekend, you can see the rebooted attempt of Fantastic Four as Josh Trank and his young talented team try to give us the movie Marvel’s first family deserves.

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