Watch a Hilarious Set of Outtakes of Amy Schumer & Company from ‘Trainwreck’

The best straight up comedy of 2015 so far without a doubt goes to Trainwreck. Being one of the few actual comedies to hit this year, Trainwreck was a bit of a shocker, anomaly almost as it roared to better than expected ratings and great numbers at the box-office. Not just that, but it basically kick-started what feels like the just the beginning of Amy Schumer. Other than crushing her starring role on the movie, not many know that all the credit goes to her as she wrote the movie, showcasing her true comedy chops.

Amy Schumer & LeBron James in 'Trainwreck'

Now I don’t know about you, but I got some really good laughs throughout the raunchy comedy. Just as others, I did feel like it died off just a bit near the end, but overall I definitely enjoyed it. As with every film, there are dozens of takes that aren’t used and normally I’m not to interested in seeing them, but in the case of a comedy, this comedy, I’m pretty interested in it.

That’s where this video comes in as Universal gives us some funny looks at all the outtakes, bloopers and shots we didn’t get to see. Check it out:

Pretty good stuff, yeah? I do believe that the final edit worked very well, but it would’ve been interesting to see if some of these takes would’ve worked just as well in the moment. Did you like it just as much as I did? Why or why not? What about the full movie? Sound off below!

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