Relax, Channing Tatum will Give Us a Good ‘Gambit’

Not that his casting was in any serious jeopardy, but Channing Tatum is officially playing Gambit. The actor has signed a deal to star and produce in the upcoming solo character film. For some, this is dissatisfying to hear, but as history has taught us we can never really pass final judgement until seeing the end result or at the very least a sample (Ben Affleck).

That being said, I think Channing Tatum will give us a good Gambit. Sure, I haven’t seen any test footage or trailers, and all I have to go off is Tatum’s comments and preparation for the character. This is a passion project for the actor and he is taking a serious approach to a fan favorite character (i.e. perfecting a Cajun accent). His dedication and excitement in preparing for the role alone tells me he’s going to kill it.

Along with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Tatum as Gambit will help carry the load for X-Men films post Hugh Jackman era. Both actors in their respective roles have the potential to bring in some serious box office numbers for the studio, which is what it really comes down to. As much as I’m a fan of Taylor Kitsch, he doesn’t have the box office pull. Just let it go and give Tatum his shot.

Deadpool and Gambit at Comic Con

The reported budget for Gambit is said to be around $154 million. Rupert Wyatt is set to direct the film, which will release on October 7, 2016.

Have I convinced you of Tatum’s casting as Gambit, or do you still feel otherwise? Let us know below. Meanwhile, I’m heading out to the card room to get my Blackjack on. Wish me luck.

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