Live. Die. Repeat. Repeat? Tom Cruise Wants to Reunite with Emily Blunt for an ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sequel!

There’s no doubt that one of last year’s pleasantly biggest surprises was Edge of Tomorrow. By far one of the best action movies we saw in 2014 and the story was good enough to keep us extremely engaged, plus, it starred probably the biggest action star on the planet in Tom Cruise and the incredibly talented and beautiful Emily Blunt who shockingly carried the film. Now unfortunately, the movie didn’t make anywhere near the money it should have and the ending beat didn’t exactly call for a sequel. But in today’s world, you never know, right?

Well the word around the street is that a possible sequel is being talked about! I’ll try to stay as calm as possible because that would be freaking awesome! So just bare with me… This all according to Tom Cruise himself!

While talking with MTV on the red carpet for his latest action-packed adventure Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, he revealed that he pitched an idea for an Edge of Tomorrow sequel to Rogue Nation director and Edge of Tomorrow screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie and Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman while filming Rogue Nation:

“I pitched it to McQuarrie and Doug. We were there one night and I was like, I’ve got an idea for it.”

And of course, there can’t be a sequel without the one who made the first so awesome! Hell yeah, apparently Cruise has already spoken to Emily Blunt about returning:

 “Gotta get Emily. I was like Emily, please. She was like, ‘give me another year, please.'”

Which makes total sense. After her crushing of a breakout performance alongside Cruise last year, she’s without a doubt one of the most sought after actresses on the planet right now (Captain Marvel please!). So with her buy schedule of Sicario and The Huntsman wrapping up here soon, hopefully her next sign will be an Edge of Tomorrow sequel. Because in my opinion, a sequel isn’t worth doing without her. She stole the show from Cruise in the first one, she’s essential for a sequel to happen.

As for a sequel being talked about, if you can’t tell, I love it! Edge of Tomorrow was one of my favorite movies of last year, actually ranked it in my top 10 of last year. And although the ending finished in a way that I didn’t see a sequel coming, I trust Tom Cruise and what that dude is doing right now. Just as Blunt is, he’s just straight fire and can really do no wrong. Bring it on!

What do you think of this news? If it happens, are you excited about the idea of an Edge of Tomorrow sequel? What did you think of the first one? Any ideas of where the sequel can go? Let me know in the comments below!

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