‘Ant-Man’ Audio Review: Movie Talk Express & I Review Marvel’s Latest MCU Adventure

Last week saw Marvel’s newest superhero hit the big screen as Ant-Man took Marvel Cinematic Universe’s spotlight this time round. Following the departure of Edgar Wright and what seemed like many problems, Marvel stuck to their guns and man did they fire.

I got the chance to check out Ant-Man at the earliest show possible on its opening night, because, why wouldn’t I? Let me tell you, I came out buzzing hard. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed and how much fun I had watching this film, Guardians of the Galaxy-esque. My full written review will be up on the site here pretty soon as I’ve been trying to get it done as soon as I can with my busy schedule. But luckily, my fellow bloggers over at Movie Talk Express asked me to join in on their first ever ‘Spoilers Review Discussion’ as we talk about Marvel’s latest adventure Ant-Man.

Before you check it out below, know that the following review contains full SPOILERS. So if you haven’t gotten the chance to see Ant-Man yet (GO WATCH ASAP), add this audio discussion to your bookmarks so you can come back later after seeing the movie to hear what we have to say about it as we not only talk about the film and what we think, but the ins and outs of the MCU easter-eggs it contains and what it means for the future of the MCU.

Once again I’d like to thank Jacob and Gio over at MTE for letting me join in on the fun, I definitely look forward to doing it again for the next big blockbuster.

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