Leonardo DiCaprio & Director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu Talk ‘The Revenant’

If you haven’t seen the first trailer for The Revenant, then you absolutely should. Those involved in the film like director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu, cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, and actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy are more than enough to get me excited, but its when I watch the trailer that I get a glimpse of the result of so many talented artists come together.

Leonardo DiCaprio is in a position to make a strong case for this year’s Oscars for Best Actor. I just learned that his character won’t have much dialogue in the film, which will be a departure from what we’ve seen him do in recent films. I like what I read from DiCaprio in regards to what drew him to the role. Here’s his comments via. Grantland.

“It was a different type of challenge for me,” DiCaprio says, “because I’ve played a lot of very vocal characters. It’s something that I really wanted to investigate — playing a character that says almost nothing. How do you relay an emotional journey and get in tune with this man’s angst … without words?”

Director Iñárritu further confirmed this and talks about how the plot effects his character as the film progresses.

“Honestly, Leo, he’s attacked by a bear, and after that, he becomes almost like a silent character: a lot of things going on, but no words,” Iñárritu notes.That’s for me the essence of cinema: not to rely on the words, but images and emotions.

One of the first things that drew me towards this film was how Iñárritu decided to shoot the film. Using remote locations and natural light that’s never been touched by man. The film has yet to finish shooting with just one more key scene to film. By next month it will have been a full year of production for The Revenant. According to DiCaprio, who is one of the hardest working actors in the industry, Iñárritu ran a tight production because every minute of every day truly mattered.

“To pull off these complicated sequences, like a ballet, movement needed to be precise,” DiCaprio says. “When it came down to that nail-biting moment to capture that magic light, every day was like putting on a mini-piece of theater. If we lost that one hour, if we didn’t accomplish what we had to accomplish, we were there the next day. And oftentimes many of these locations were very remote. So it was a very intense set, because we knew we only had one shot every single day. Otherwise … we would be back there again.”

You can read the entire interview in the link below. I cannot wait for this film as I’m sure many of you feel the same. You can also watch the trailer below.

The Revenant will have a limited release on Christmas Day.

Leonardo DiCaprio Talks The Revenant

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