‘Genie’ – Disney’s Live-Action Aladdin Prequel

Disney continues its growing slate of upcoming Live-Action flicks with an Aladdin prequel titled Genie. The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter who also reveals Horror veterans Damian Shannon and Mark Swift (Freddy Vs. Jason) will write the script, with Tripp Vinson (San Andreas) set to produce.

This is somewhat surprising news, although I still like the idea. At the rate which Disney is going with their live action projects such as The Jungle Book,Beauty and the BeastMulan, Tinker Bell,Dumbo, and Winnie the Pooh it was only a matter of time till an Aladdin film would come. I just didn’t expect it be a prequel focused on a side (but lovable) character.

But as I read about the project and gave it some thought, it actually presents an opportunity to explore a fan favorite character through an original story. Plus, who wouldn’t love to see more of the Genie? My only concern and the million dollar question is, who will play the Genie? 

Robin Williams gave us a phenomenal character probably the biggest in the history of animated film. That will be some big shoes to fill, but if there’s anything we’ve learned from Heath Ledger’s Joker its certainly possible to live up to the expectations set by the former.

No release date for Genie has been announced, as the project is deep in early development.

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