Deadpool Is Packing Heat (& a Partner) in the First Official ‘Deadpool’ Images

Although we’ve seen Deadpool in action plenty of times via Ryan Reynolds and his magical Twitter skills, we have yet to see an official image released from 20th Century Fox. But yesterday and today marked the released of the first images released for the very, very long awaited and anticipated superhero movie.

Entertainment Weekly and Empire Magazine are where these fantastic images come from, with one featuring Deadpool packing some major heat and the other has him with what seems to be his partner in crime for the movie, Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

I’m continuing to lover everything I see from this movie. I was kind of expecting that because of how long we’ve been waiting for this movie and the fact that this has become a huge passion project for both director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds. They’ve been trying to get this superhero flick on track for the better part of seven years and now it is FINALLY coming, in fact, just a little over six months away!

And with SDCC 2015 just a week away, I’m excited as all hell to get a peak into some footage for the movie. I unhappily won’t be attending SDCC, but there is no way that that footage won’t find its way online, which means I’ll be scouring the internet come this time next weekend. 2016 may have movies like Batman V Superman and Captain America: Civil War, but do not be surprised at all when Deadpool is just as fun as the rest, especially with its so-called hard R rating.

Here’s what producer Simon Kinberg had to say about its rating:

“Deadpool is a hard R. It’s graphic. Nothing is taboo. You either commit to a truly outrageous boundary-pushing kind of movie or you don’t.”

Deadpool hits theaters February 12th, 2016 Directed by Tim Miller starring Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller, Gina Carano, Ed Skrein, Brianna Hildebrand, Rachel Sheen, and Andre Tricoteux.

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