‘Rumor Central: Chris Pine as Hal Jordan?

Don’t you find it strange that so many rumors on Green Lantern suddenly emerge as we get closer to next month’s Comic Con? I take it as a sign that Warner Bros will have something big in store for those attending DC’s panel. Some are saying the panel will present the entire cast for Justice League, similar to what Marvel did for its ensemble years ago. For that to happen, there remains one member of DC’s superhero team that hasn’t been cast, Green Lantern.

The latest rumor suggested that Green Lantern’s introduction will consist of two members of the Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan and John Stewart presumably. Today, we are going one step further with a new rumor from Latino Review, who is suggesting that Chris Pine (Star Trek) is WB’s choice for the role of Hal Jordan. It seems the rumors of Pine circling the love interest of Wonder Woman were designed to be a smoke screen for their true intentions. If that’s true, then I think that was clever on WB’s part.

Hal Jordan (who was played by Ryan Reynolds in that… nvm) is the most popular version of the Green Lantern hero, and his casting remains the most curious for fans everywhere. I think Chris Pine is an excellent choice. He’s proven to be a fit in sci-fi action films and has the charisma and comedic timing to fulfill the role.

As for John Stewart (the African American ex-Marine who takes over as the Lantern during certain story lines), casting rumors are still swirling with names like Tyrese Gibson being heard. Ultimately, I don’t think he’s the right fit. I just don’t want John Stewart to have that comedic vibe to him, and all we’ve seen recently from Gibson is being the comedic relief in the Fast & Furious films. He does have the potential to play the military type man, with roles in films like Annapolis and Transformers.

Anyways, I don’t expect an official announcement on the casting(s) until Comic Con, and it sort of should be that way. Imagine the anticipation for DC’s panel, especially with Marvel’s absence.

For a quick recap, here’s the cast so far for DC’s expected Justice League:

  • Superman – Henry Cavill,
  • Batman – Ben Affleck
  • Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot
  • Aquaman – Jason Mamoa
  • Cyborg – Ray Fisher
  • The Flash – Ezra Miller.

Comic Con begins on July 9th till July 12th.

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