Poll: What’s Your Favorite Movie of 2015 so Far?

Can you believe that 2015 is now nearly half way over? It seems like just yesterday we were all putting out our most anticipated lists for the new year. But now, those lists are half way over with the next half is being eyed like a hawk. But before we get to far ahead of ourselves, I wanted to put out a little poll to see what the overall favorite is of 2015 so far.

Even though running through the list looks like 2015 has been pretty great, there’s actually been a fair amount of dull movies out there. So even though the list is pretty tight, it’s still a pretty good one to choose from. It includes names like Matthew Vaughn’s incredible comic book adaptation Kingsman: The Secret Service, the two indie films that took Hollywood by storm in It Follows and Ex Machina, the return to two of the most classical franchises ever with Mad Max: Fury Road and Jurassic World, and many more.

So, without further ado, what’s your 2015 favorite so far?

At the time I posted this I have yet to see Inside Out and Dope, and I have no doubt that both will be pretty damn high up on my list. Even though there were some pretty bad movies through the first half of the year, I’m really happy with the result. Indie films that have have raised the bar, blockbusters that have lived up to the hype and more, and surprises that have added some great depth to the list.

The rest of 2015 should be something to be highly looked forward to. Next month starts a two month run of big names each week, with the Fall and Oscar seasons following just weeks after. All which should make for a fantastic close-out to 2015.

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