Latest Marketing for ‘Fantastic Four’ is Tough to Defend

Fantastic Four Crush Soda Pop Cans Fantastic Four Reveals New Merchandising with Crush Soft Drink Cans

Even I’ll admit with all my high praise and confidence that Fantastic Four will need all the right marketing just to even get fans into theaters. This latest move from the studio is certainly not the way to win any doubters over.

As you can see in the image above, Fox has decided to give FF some (valuable) exposure via. Crush soda cans. By collecting codes for each flavor you can enter for a chance to win free movie tickets. So even if you’re not sold on this superhero reboot, but love Crush soda you might still be able to see the film for free.

The character themed flavor cans is a cute touch (The Thing – Orange, Invisible Woman – Strawberry, Mr.  Fantastic – Grape, Human Torch – Cherry red). I count this as the second misstep for FF’s marketing, after that movie ticket app stunt. Regardless, I still think the end result of this film is going to crush many people’s doubts moving forward (see what I did there?) and be a promising start for a new telling of Marvel’s First Family.

Fantastic Four arrives in theaters on August 7, 2015

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