‘Sicario’ Trailer #1 – Emily Blunt in the Center of a Drug War

Emily Blunt stars as Kate Marcer an FBI agent who is recruited into an elite U.S. Task Force to cross Mexican borders and help fight a drug war. For anyone who’s seen Edge of Tomorrow, you’ll know how good Blunt is at kicking ass on screen. However, in this first trailer for Sicario she is an FBI agent who’s not sure what she’s in for,both on the cartel side and on her own. Also starring in this film are veteran actors Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin, along with Jon Bernthal (new Punisher) which rounds out an excellent cast.

Denis Villeneuve is directing Sicario and after seeing what he did with the 2013 drama/thriller Prisoners, I’m looking forward to this film with much enthusiasm. The suspense alone in the trailer is strong. Working with Villeneuve is cinematographer Roger Deakins. The two collaborated for Prisoners, and will collaborate a third time down the road.

Check out the trailer below for Sicario, which opens on September 18th, 2015

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