‘Jurassic World’: 5 Interesting Facts About the Film

Even though its only been out for three days now, I finally got to see Jurassic World and I enjoyed the film. Although the film is mostly what I’ve seen before, the filmmakers did their best to give long time fans something different. I’m one of those fans, and part of what made the film enjoyable is the little callbacks it made to the original.

Based off the 500+ million total gross the film made over the weekend, I’m going to assume that many fans of the property and film goers have seen the film. So I’m going to share five facts about the film (IMDB), which will contain spoilers.

Director Colin Trevorrow‘s favorite scene he shot was during the Mosasaurus feeding in front of the park guests. Trevorrow pitched the idea to Executive Producer Steven Spielberg, who loved the idea. Spielberg also came up with an idea to submerge the audience underwater using hydraulic system to see the creature feed. 200 extras sat in the bleacher and also got soaked.

During the climatic battle, the T-Rex who fights the Indominus Rex was the same one from the original film. This was evident by the scars around the neck area of the T-Rex which come from the encounter with the raptors at the end of the original. The Lost World and Jurassic Park III featured another T-Rex on Isla Sorna (Island B).

Director Colin Trevorrow insisted on the product placement seen in the film (Verizon, Starbucks, Coke, Mercedes, and Jeep) as a way of satirizing popular entertainment being too corporate. Typically these placements are a result of the studio’s own interest.

Most of the dinosaurs in the film were created using CG. The raptor heads seen when in containment were animatronics (Legacy Effects). Another practical built animatronic dinosaur was created for a separate sequence filmed in Hawaii, presumably of the injured brachiosaurus which was quite emotional.

In the background of the park’s main hall is a statue of John Hammond, founder of Jurassic Park. Colin Trevorrow explains that it was specifically made to honor Sir Richard Attenborough who played the memorable character. The late actor spoke of the possibility of making a small appearance. His unfortunate passing in August of last year is somewhat ironic due to the John Hammond character dying prior to the events in Jurassic World. Making his tribute all the more special.

If you know of any facts or Easter eggs referenced in Jurassic World, feel free to share them with us. Tell us your favorites.

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