‘The Dark Knight Trilogy: Epic Retrospective’ Reminds Us of Nolan’s Masterpiece

'The Dark Knight' Trilogy

I look at Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy as sort of “The Godfather films” of the comic book genre.

Batman Begins was a true telling of Bruce Wayne’s origin story and showed us how dark and grounded his world can and should be. The Dark Knight blew our minds away, giving us a superior sequel and a psychopathic villain who terrorized Gotham and audiences worldwide. The Dark Knight Rises served as a worthy closure for the trilogy, although was a weaker film in comparison to the previous two films (just like Godfather Part III). Soon after, comic book films began adapting elements that Nolan perfected, regardless if they were actually fitting for the particular character, or not.

YouTube user Thomas Davidson created something truly honorable. Taking bits and pieces of visuals and cutting it together with dialogue to perfect summarize each of Nolan’s films, while still capturing the epicness that is. He even managed to make The Dark Knight Rises look like a better film. See for yourself below.

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