Meet the Pawn, Brains, Bait & Pyscho in New Character Posters for ‘Masterminds’

A comedy starring Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, and Jason Sudeikis (among others) sounds ridiculously promising, right? Well unfortunately the first trailer for Masterminds (which was released a while back) was a bit disappointing in my eyes, which truthfully just sucks. Loosely based off a true story, Masterminds (see the trailer here) tells the story of a night guard who plans one of the biggest bank heists in U.S. history. Meet the crew behind the crime in these new character posters.

Below you can see Zack Galifianakis as ringleader David Ghantt, Owen Wilson as long-time criminal Steve Chambers, Kristen Wiig as Kelly Campbell, and Jason Sudeikis as hitman Mike McKinney.

Like I said above, I was pretty disappointed with the first trailer. With a cast line-up like this and a story like the one it’s based off of, it should have been much better. I hope we get a second trailer soon and I hope it’s a lot better because this kind of movie should look a lot better, it can be a serious good comedy.

Here’s the official synopsis:

In this action comedy based on true events, David Ghantt (Zach Galifianakis) discovers the true meaning of adventure far beyond his wildest dreams. He is an uncomplicated man stuck in a monotonous life. Day in and day out he drives an armored vehicle, transporting millions of other people’s money with no escape in sight. The only glimmer of excitement is his flirtatious work crush Kelly Campbell (Kristen Wiig) who soon lures him into the scheme of a lifetime.

Along with a group of half-brained criminals led by Steve Chambers (Owen Wilson) and an absurdly faulted heist plan, David manages the impossible and makes off with $17 million in cash…only problem is he foolishly hands the money over to this wild group of double crossers and has been set up to take the fall. With the bandits blowing the millions on lavish and ridiculous luxuries, they leave behind a glaring trail of evidence. Now on the lam and in over his head, David must dodge the authorities, evade a hilarious hit man, Mike McKinney (Jason Sudeikis), and try to turn the tables on the ones he trusted most.

Masterminds has a August 7th, 2015 release date. Directed by Jared Hess starring Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, and Jason Sudeikis.

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