‘Insidious: Chapter 3’ Movie Review: Another Forgettable Film in the Horror Genre

I thought the third installment in the Insidious franchise could capture the essence of the first, which was great in my opinion, but I was wrong. Insidious: Chapter 3 isn’t a horrible movie but it falls short of being good and is filled with predictable jump-scares, bad storytelling and forgettable performances. However, there are a few really scary moments that had me jumping in my seat and a stand-out performance from Lin Shaye, who starred in the first Insidious movie, that make the film watchable. When it really comes down to it a horror movie is supposed to scare you and Insidious: Chapter 3 does so if you’re looking for a horror film to see then Insidious: Chapter 3 might be worth a watch. Check out the synopsis and trailer below!

Synopsis (IMDB):

A prequel set before the haunting of the Lambert family that reveals how gifted psychic Elise Rainier reluctantly agrees to use her ability to contact the dead in order to help a teenage girl who has been targeted by a dangerous supernatural entity.

Now that you have an idea of what Insidious 3 is all about, let’s take a look at some of the negatives and positives of the film, starting with the positives.

The Positives:

  • Lin Shaye and her performance- One of the reasons I enjoyed the first Insidious movie so much is due to this lady and her intensity on-screen. She brings that same feel this time around and is the connection to all three Insidious movies. Without her I probably wouldn’t of wasted my time on this movie.

  • It’s actually scary- Regardless of my overall disappointment in this movie, I do admit that I was scared at a lot of moments in this movie and I legitimately jumped in my seat at least two times! It’s mostly the build up to these scary scenes that had me on the edge of my seat and a few times the jump-scares really worked. Normally jump-scares bother me in horror movies as they are overused but this movie used a few of them effectively and really had me jumping out of my seat. However, there are a lot of jump scares that are predictable.

The negatives:

  • The predictable jump scares- When these are done right, they are very useful in horror movies; like the few I mentioned above. However, when there are so many predictable ones it becomes a real problem that takes me out of the film and Insidous: Chapter 3 has too many of them.
  • Bad storytelling- I did not like the plot and story in this movie at all. It didn’t add anything to the viewing experience for me as it tried to get too serious and emotional. I’d prefer less of a story and more scares or a better story to go along with the horror elements. Too many horror movies struggle with good storytelling and Insidious 3 continues that streak. C’mon horror movies! Give us a good story!
  • Actors- Other than Lin Shaye, none of the other actors stood out to me as giving a good performance or caring about their performance. I appreciate Shaye’s effort but when you’re surrounded by other actors that aren’t giving it their all, it really stands out. I think some of these actors in horror movies don’t take it seriously and end up giving a poor performance. It’s ultimately up to the director to make sure their actors are giving it their all and that should transcend genres. I want to see actors giving it their all no matter what type of movie they’re in.

There’s not much else to say about Insidious: Chapter 3. It’s a scary movie that should please horror fans and people who enjoyed the last two Insidious movies. But if you pay attention to story and acting, this movie might bother you a bit.

I give Insidious: Chapter 3 a respectful 6 out of 10.

Have you seen Insidious: Chapter 3? If so, let me know what you think? If not, will you see it?

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