Robert Rodriguez Set to Direct a Live-Action “Jonny Quest” Film

Robert Rodriguez has such a unique style in directing and has delivered some entertaining and fun films, like Desperado, From Dusk Till DawnSin City, and Machete. Sad to say, he’s been more miss than hit lately with sequels to some of his successful films (Sin City: Dame to Kill For, Machete Kills). Now it looks like Rodriguez will have an opportunity to do something creative with a pre-established property in Jonny Quest.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has brought in Rodriguez to direct a live-action version of the classic cartoon TV show. The script will be based on an early draft written by Dan Mazeau, which made Hollywood’s Blacklist of Best Unproduced Screenplays. Rodriquez will re-write the current script with Terry Rossio, who co-wrote the first four Pirates of the Caribbean films.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Jonny Quest TV show (like myself prior to this news), it originated from the Hanna Barbera cartoon TV show that debuted in the ’60’s. The show is an action/adventure that revolves around an 11 year old boy named Jonny Quest, who goes on extraordinary missions around the world with his scientist father. The show was before my time, however, as a fan of Rodriguez I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of spin he’ll give this property. I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of Spy Kids.

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