It’s Emma Stone or Rachel McAdams for Bradley Cooper in These New Clips & Images for ‘Aloha’

Now that the summer movie season is officially here and off to a pretty hot start, romantic comedies are going to be in short supply for the next few months. That’s why Cameron Crowe’s Aloha seems to be coming at the perfect time. It’s set to release this weekend and from everything I’ve seen, it looks just as charismatic, fun, and wonderful as a rom-com should be.

These two new clips feature two sides of the story, Bradley Cooper with Emma Stone, and Bradley Cooper with Rachel McAdams. Cooper definitely has a choice ahead of him, but it’s one choice that I would GLADLY have land in my lap as both Stone and McAdams are two of the more attractive and just normal women in Hollywood today.

Check out the new clips below:

Here’s the new batch of images as well, which mainly feature Bradley Cooper and the two lovely ladies he has to choose from in Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams.

I’m surprisingly really looking forward to this one. I don’t know what it was, but the first trailer that was released gave me so much enjoyment, it was one of the better trailers I had seen all year at that time. The obvious draw is the cast which is just phenomenal for this type of movie, but then you factor in Cameron Crowe who knows his way around a rom-com and Aloha becomes very exciting. I probably shouldn’t, but I have high hopes for this one because of the fact that I’m rarely ever into romantic comedies.

Aloha opens May 29th, 2015. Directed by Cameron Crowe starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bull Murray, John Krasinksi, Daany McBride, Alec Baldwin, and Jay Baruchel.

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