What’s Up with This Latest ‘Fantastic Four’ Promo?

Hold the phone! There is actually something I do not like from this upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four. Anyone who has been following this blog knows I’m highly optimistic about this film despite all the criticism I’ve read over the past year. The trailers are great, especially at separating themselves from the previous films, and anyone who hasn’t visited the Fantastic Four official website should do so. All that said, what is up with this latest promo video?

The first three quarters of this video look cool, as it displays each Fantastic Four member’s powers. Then it shifts the focus of the film to someone buying movie tickets on an app. This smells like desperation from the studio and I don’t like it. If you want to boost excitement for the film, then keep on the current path of your marketing. Give us one more trailer between now and August 7th. Wow us like I know you will when we watch this.

This sort of reminds me of those Burger King promos that X-Men: Days of Future Past did that were awful. Remember those? At least the end result for the film was highly positive, and hopefully the same can happen for Fantastic Four.

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