Martin Scorsese’s Spiritual Drama “Silence” Images Highlight Andrew Garfield


What’s significant about Scorsese’s latest film wrapping up its production is that its been in development for over twenty years. TWENTY YEARS! We have our first look thanks to a photo from Entertainment WeeklySilence is the story of two Jesuit missionaries played by Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver who travel to Japan to investigate claims of religious persecution, and the rumors of their mentor (Liam Neeson) abandoning the church.

During a conference for the end of production on Silence, Garfield talked about the challenges his character faces spiritually.

It’s a lifetime that the character of father Rodrigues goes through that we witness. It’s such an agonizing lifetime that he has to live through and yet he wrestles with the greatest and most important and difficult questions that we all wrestle with, which is how to live and how does one live a life of meaning, a life of faith, and does that require you to live in doubt as well? That’s just scratching the surface of why I felt drawn to this story and this character.


 The name Martin Scorsese alone on a project should turn the heads of every film fan. Silence is something I’ve yet to see Scorsese do and one that long time fans of director haven’t seen in awhile.

Scorsese: I’m known for making films that are urban, that take place mainly in apartments, hotels, bars, churches, that sort of thing, for the most part, so for me to be able to sit and watch a scene and hear the nature around me, the bird calls, the animals, which set the time, which set the clock of life in a way, the real pace of life, not the crazy one with all our gadgets, this has been an immersion into another world and it’s something that I’m just blessed to have experienced. 

Silence has an undetermined release date in 2016.

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