New Images Have Surfaced Online Giving the Best Look at Ben Affleck’s Batman, This Time in Color!

To start, let me just say that these images aren’t ‘official’ yet as nobody from Warner Bros. or the project have confirmed that they are real. With that said, these new images look pretty freaking legit. For the most part, Zack Snyder and team has kept a full color look of Ben Affleck as Batman under wraps pretty well. We’ve seen the suit in color, but not Affleck in it… until now.

Two new images have surfaced online within the last day, and by far giving us our best look at the Batfleck. The first image is actually an image we’ve seen before as it’s the image used for one of those exclusive IMAX posters that were given away at the IMAX event that took place last week, minus the Superman logo covering his face.

The second image is just a wider shot of the first image, with one difference, color! We FINALLY get a full frontal color shot of Ben Affleck in the suit, and it’s just magnificent.

Ben Affleck as Batman Ben Affleck as Batman

I’m in love with this suit. If this ends up being official, which I’m sure it is, I couldn’t be anymore happy with the route Snyder is taking this Batman. The obvious connection is to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, with Snyder taking more than just that Batman incarnation from that story and bringing it into the DCCU. The black and grey color scheme, the wide chest symbol, and the smaller ears all are taken right out of that iconic story, and it freaking works. From the moment that very first image of Batfleck was released months ago, I was hoping and praying that the colors would end up being black and grey, so it’s safe to say I’m pretty freaking happy about it.

I’m not saying that I didn’t like Christopher Nolan’s Batman body armor suit, but it just never really looked like the comic book Batman, with the helmet style cowl and carbon fiber armor. This is an actual suit with a very classic (and just fantastic) looking cape and cowl. I love the cape and cowl, I really do. It just like Batman, everything about it looks like Bats. As for Affleck, that’s Batman people. Many for very skeptical about him taking over the cape and cowl, but he freaking rocks it. Just as much or even more than anyone of the past, he is Batman.

Hopefully the look of Batman isn’t just a nod to Frank Miller’s classic tale, hopefully Snyder and Affleck are taking that Batman right from the pages and putting him on screen. And if that teaser trailer was any indiction of the kind of Batman we’ll see, it’ll be exactly that. A more bruiting, crueler, and darker Bats than ever before and it’s going to be AWESOME.

What do you think of the nw Batman suit? Are you excited to see Ben Affleck take over the cape and cowl?

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