Images: ‘The Free State of Jones’, ‘Z for Zachariah’, ‘Black Mass’, ‘Entourage’ & More!

Below are a slew of new images for some pretty anticipated projects within the next year. Including the Matthew McConaughey led The Free State of Jones, the adaptation for Z for ZachariahBlack Mass which stars Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger, the long awaited Entourage feature, Warner Bros. Peter Pan origin story Pan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s zombie story Maggie.

Each movie has something really good going for it as of now. Each trailer (minus The Free State of Jones and Z for Zachariah, which trailer I’m really looking forward to…) has showed why we should be excited for it, each in its own way. As for these new images, just as most, really focus on the main faces that we’ll see, while also capturing at least a little of the overall story. There really isn’t an image I don’t like from below, with The Free State of Jones and Z for Zachariah being my favorite looks.


These images are in no way any particular order, and like I said above, each movie has something pretty special about it that you should be looking forward to.

The Free State of Jones has a March 11th, 2016 release date. Z for Zachariah will be released some time in 2015Black Mass hits theaters September 18th, 2015Entourage opens June 5th, 2015Pan has a new release date of October 9th, 2015Maggie gets a limited release on May 8th, 2015.

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