Happy Birthday Jack Nicholson


Today the original Clown Prince of Crime turns 78. I love Jack Nicholson, he’s such an incredible actor, with 3 Academy Awards and a film resume going back to the ’60’s . Some of my favorite roles from Nicholson besides The Joker, include Col. Jessup in A Few Good Men, playing the President of the United States In Mars Attack, and of course Frank Costello in The Departed.

As a film fan, I’m proud to have been alive while he was still making movies. Nicholson has been retired from acting since 2010, but has given us so many films to enjoy. Check out this Jack Nicholson tribute video from YouTube user Grant Wiley. Happy Birthday Jack.

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  1. Jack being an amazing actor …of that there is no doubt ! loved his performance in A few good men ….he shouldn’t have retired ….

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