The Brian Wilson Biopic ‘Love & Mercy’ Gets a Fantastic New Trailer

I personally don’t know a ton about the Beach Boys or Brian Wilson for that matter, they were much before my time. So all I can really do is talk about the following trailer, which at first feels like a normal biopic formula, but becomes much more than that.

As this newly released trailer rolled through, it got better and better, having my interest intensify. Which was mainly thanks to Paul Dano and John Cusack who both play Brian Wilson, but at different periods in his life.

Here’s an official synopsis:

Brian Wilson, the leader of the Beach Boys, wrote more than 15 Top 40 hit singles including the groundbreaking 1966 “Pet Sounds” album before suffering a nervous breakdown during the making of its follow-up album “Smile.” He struggles with mental illness, but Brian manages to persevere as an artist with the love and support of his wife Melinda.

Not only do Dano and Cusack look amazing in the role, but Elizabeth Banks looks to be a great addition. She can bounce off of Cusack’s Wilson character so well, which definitely is a good reason to see this. And you may not know who Paul Dano is, but from early reviews, he’s just killer as Brian Wilson and bringing those life events to the screen. If you’re a music junky and enjoy some classic tunes like the Beach Boys, Love & Mercy is definitely your cup of tea.

Love & Mercy hits theaters on June 5th, 2015. Directed by Bill Pohlad starring Paul Dano, John Cusack, Elizabeth Banks, and Paul Giamatti.

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