5 Favorites: Actors to Play the Villain In ‘Furious 8’


Since the Fast and Furious franchise shifted gears into these heist type films, it has become a success both critically and financially. One of the things I loved about this latest film were its antagonistsFurious 7 included the franchise’s best villain by far in Jason Statham, and even left the door open for his return in one of Universal’s planned future films.

However, I want to see if this franchise can make us buy into another Fast and Furious film. Part of that involves bringing in someone who can push Toretto’s crew so far to the point where they once again must join forces with Hobbs and Mr. Nobody to take him down.

So, here are five actors I want to see play the next villain in Furious 8.

Option 1

– Liam Neeson 


  • Liam Neeson is one of the hottest action stars in Hollywood today. The man is collecting so many paychecks to play his Taken character over and over again in different films. The difference with Furious 8 will be that his character’s style from Taken will be exciting to see in this franchise. He might also actually have fun doing this film. Neeson is a well established action star, and this franchise will once again prove it can do bigger and better.

(I could totally see him playing the father of the Owen and Deckard Shaw. He finds out that his sons got their asses kicked. And once again, Liam Neeson is playing a pissed off father who’s ready to kill).

Option 2

– Mel Gibson 


  • That’s right, I have Mel Gibson on this list. If you’ve watched that terrible film Expendables 3 then you’ll know that Gibson was one of the few good parts as the villain. He’s also one hell of an actor and director.

There’s one particular scene from Expendables 3 which shows that Gibson still has it (he even wrote the scene). Just give it a watch below. Its a shame that he’s not getting more action roles.

Option 3

– Gerald Butler 


  • Gerald Butler is one of our modern action stars who’d I’d like to see in more blockbusters. He shined as the villain behind bars in Law Abiding Citizen and pretty much carried an action film in the more recent Olympus Has Fallen. He has both the acting chops and charisma to make for a welcoming addition to the Fast and Furious franchise.

Option 4

– Colin Farrell 


  • Pride and Glory might not have been his best movie, but Farrell played a damn good corrupt cop. Daredevil (dare I speak) just may be in people’s top five worse comic book films, but I thought Farrell delivered as Bullseye. What I am basically saying is that Colin Farrell is a proven action star (through many more films) who can play the bad guy. Should Furious 8 take the foot of the pedal as far as its ridiculousness goes, and go a little more grounded in New York, I think Farrell would make an excellent bad guy.

Option 5

– Nicolas Cage


  • Okay this selection might be a reach, but one can still hope. I think these Fast and Furious movies are made for someone like a Nicolas Cage, with all its insane action, cheesy dialogue, etc. Just a few years ago, people thought there was no hope for Cage and blockbuster films, until he gave us Big Daddy (Kick-Ass) and reminded us all that Nic Cage can be very good. Those same people probably forgot about some of his action classics like The Rock, Con Air,and Face/Off. Its time to put Memphis Raines in a Fast and Furious film.

These are my picks for the main villain in Furious 8. Did you have someone else in mind?

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