Rumor Central: Eva Mendes To Return in ‘Furious 8’


One of the concerns moving forward for the Fast and Furious films is who is going to replace the voids within Toretto’s crew. It was somewhat noticeable in Furious 7, and one distraction that must be fixed. Part of what’s made the Fast and Furious films so successful is the ensemble cast and how the characters treat each other life family. Every new addition to the Fast family has been welcomed with open arms, and I believe this franchise will need some more moving forward. Lets take a look a the crew’s current state since coming together in Fast Five.

  • Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel)
  • Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) – Retired
  • Letty (Michelle Rodriguez)
  • Mia (Jordana Brewster) -Presumably retired
  • Roman (Tyrese Gibson)
  • Tej (Ludacris)
  • Han (Sung Kang) – Killed off in Tokyo Drift
  • Gisele (Gal Gadot) – Presumably killed off in Furious 6
  • Santos (Don Omar) – Missing since Fast Five
  • Leo (Tego Calderon) – Missing since Fast Five

Quickly addressing the character of Mia, it would make no sense to keep the character involved while the film expects us to accept that Brian would sit at home. Also, I don’t expect Gisele to return to the franchise, as having her survive a fall off a high speed moving plane is reaching, even by Fast and Furious standards.

As for Santos and Leo, I would gladly welcome their return as their comedic chemistry helped make Fast Five so fun. While Agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) is another possibility, I’d prefer his character remain outside the circle. That only leaves two existing crew members in the possibility in returning. Well maybe not…


A report from Latino Review, who has been known to have legit inside scoops, suggests that Eva Mendes could possibly return as Agent Monica Fuentes. The report unsurprisingly doesn’t give any details on the extent of her role, but that the story, which takes place in New York will depend on if producers can get Mendes to return.

Mendes starred in 2Fast 2Furious as a Customs Agent and also the love interest to Brian O’Connor. That was over a decade ago, so any potential complications concerning her and O’Connor I doubt would be a problem story wise. As for her role, I could easily see Hobbs recruiting talent and she does have limited experience with members of Toretto’s crew.

In my eyes, Mendes has improved as an actress over the recent years, and I don’t see any problem in bringing her character back. Whether if she wants to or not is another question. No known projects currently have her name attached, and the franchise is at its highest point ever. Hopefully, she’ll consider.

Would you be open to seeing Eva Mendes return to the Fast and Furious franchise?

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