Review: ‘Furious 7’ Is The Best In The Franchise


I found the seventh installment in the Fast & Furious franchise as the best one yet. The fact that a seventh film in a franchise is its best is just one more thing that is special about this franchise. From street racing to hundred million dollar heists to pure popcorn action, these films have continuosly found a way to take it to the next level with each new one.

In Furious 7, Dominic Toretto and his team (Brian, Tej, Roman, Letty) find themselves being hunted down by a highly trained assassin named Deckard Shaw. Shaw is out to get revenge on those who nearly killed his younger brother in the previous film. After suffering a loss from his crew, Toretto is approached by an unknown figure named Mr. Nobody, who offers a way to find Shaw through a device called the God’s Eye. The only catch is Toretto’s team will have to first retrieve it, along with a kidnapped hacker. Once they find the device then they find Shaw.

Right from the start this movie informs you that it will be filled with over the top action both bigger and more insane than anything we’ve seen previously in the franchise. For this movie to be great and entertaining, one must suspend disbelief and just go along for the ride. Once you do that you’ll no doubt find yourself having a good time.


I loved how the film begins with many callbacks to its previous films, to events like Race Wars to fun character cameos like my man Hector from the first film. It’s nice to see the franchise going back to its roots as our characters settle down. However once Shaw learns who’s responsible for his brother is when everything goes wrong. What makes Shaw such a badass is that he’s all walk and no talk. As we seen in the trailers, he goes after the heart of the crew by destroying their home, while taking out one of their own in the process. The fight between Agent Hobbs and Shaw is just an awesome fight sequence that’s only just the beginning of an action filled popcorn flick. I was hoping to see more of Hobbs in this film, he is such a fun character who’s kicks ass. This film also has an awesome supporting cast of antagonists featuring actors like Djimon Hounsou and Tony Jaa, along with MMA fighter Rhonda Rousey.  Each character offers value of entertainment whether it’s their acting, fighting skills, or awesome parkour.

As for the crew, I could definitely feel the absence of Han and Giselle. I guess after two films I’ve become use to seeing such a rounded out team, each with special skills. That being said, the crew is still fun to watch as they pull off these near impossible missions. What makes these films so special is that you can see how much the crew cares about each other. This in return makes you care about them too, almost as if you were a part of the family.


One big subject of Furious 7 was understandably Paul Walker and the handling of his character. I don’t think a more powerful and heartfelt sendoff could have been done for his character. After all the action, explosions, and fighting the film ends on such an emotional note with so much heart. It’s a perfect way to cap off a fun film and the story of one of the franchise’s integral characters.

Credit has to be given to Director James Wan, who stepped in to this franchise for the first time with Furious 7. Wan has been known for well directed horror films, and makes an easy transition into blockbuster action. Using awesome camera movement like flippig the camera upside down to give action scenes more kick was very effective. Wan and the crew delivered another fun action film with lots of emotion and heart.


Furious 7 gets an 8.75 out of 10

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