Fantastic Four Poster: Be Ready For What’s Coming

Check out the new poster for the rebooted Fantastic Four. What clearly stands out are each team members powers as they ready to battle a huge threat. Jamie Bell stars as Ben Grimm aka The Thing. This version of the character is a mountain compared to the ’05 version, and is more in line with the film’s overall tone. Michael B. Jordan stars as Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch. No question regarding his powers when looking at his hands, other than if the words “Flame On” are required. Even with all the controversy surrounding his casting, I have not a doubt that Jordan will deliver in this film. Miles Teller stars as Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic. If his body figure looks unnaturally lengthy its because of his powers to stretch. Kate Mara stars as Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman, and her powers are quite obviously if you look closely.

I have so much confidence in this film to be great. Fox has been reminding audiences throughout the marketing of how successful X-Men: Days of Future Past was, and they will keep throwing it in your face until you give this film a chance. I love this cast, along with combining duo of Josh Trank and Simon Kimberg. Oh yeah, the film also stars Toby Kebbell, Tim Blake Nelson, and Reg E. Cathey.


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