‘Tron: Legacy’ Sequel to Begin Filming This Fall; Director Joseph Kosinski & Star Garrett Hedlund Set to Return

While 2010s Tron: Legacy was almost spilt evenly down the middle on the critics side, it grossed $400 million on just a $170 million budget. Now, $400 million might not be the numbers of a franchise starter, but it very much is for a sequel that came 28 years after the original. And with Disney’s schedule revolving around Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars galaxy at the moment, we weren’t really expecting an announcement on a sequel. But of course, Disney catches us off guard and announces a Tron: Legacy sequel, a sequel that is coming sooner than expected.

Garrett Hedlund in 'Tron: Legacy'

It’s been five years since Legacy, but Disney always intended to make a sequel as some contracts included a follow-up. While it hasn’t been ‘officially greenlit’, earlier this week saw multiple sites report that Disney doesn’t just have Tron 3 in the works, but that it will begin filming this October in Vancouver.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is attached to direct. Sources are also claiming that star Garrett Hedlund will also return, and given how Legacy finished, it only makes complete sense to see not just him, but others including Olivia Wilde return as well. If those three are returning for the sequel, the only thing left would be to get Daft Punk back for the soundtrack.

Tron: Legacy may have had its plot/story issues, but I for one thought it kicked total ass. I can understand and see how some wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as me, but the kind of concept and world it has is just perfect for a big movie franchise. I do like seeing that Legacy director Kosinski is returning, quite honestly I would be down with any director Disney chooses as long as their name ins’t Bay or Shyamalan. The best news out of all this for me though is hearing that Garrett Hedlund will return. I didn’t just enjoy him in Legacy, but I’ll watch him in anything. In my opinion, he’s one of todays young talents that will be around for a pretty long time.

The only thing to hope for now is that Olivia Wilde and Daft Punk will return, Tron 3 will build off that great Cillian Murphy cameo storyline just waiting to be tackled, and that Kosinski and team will quench our thirst for more of those action-packed grid wars. One thing is for sure though, the visuals will once again be a juggernaut as Legacy was one of the most beautiful movies in a long time.

Look out for more information on Tron 3 in the coming months!

Olivia Wilde & Garret Hedlund in 'Tron: Legacy'

Tron 3 has no official release date as of yet. With director Joseph Kosinksi and stars Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde (hopefully), Cillian Murphy (hopefully), and Bruce Boxleitner expected to return.

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