The Fantastic Four Outfits Look Better Than I Thought

What I’ve seen so far regarding the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot suggests the grounded and gritty tone was the right direction for the studio to take. As a blogger who’s been defending this film, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the first trailer was. Now the momentum towards marketing this risky film right continues with the release of new photos (courtesy of Total Film).












While less colorful and fun, the outfits do fit with the film’s overall tone. Each one corresponding with their powers for example the springs on Richard’s suit and the vents on Johnny Storm’s suit (stretch, fire). Although Sue Storm’s outfit is difficult to figure out considering her ability to go invisible and create a force shield. One thing to point out is we still have no clear look at Ben Grimm as The Thing, although CGI work may play a factor. Overall, these costumes look fantastic and I can’t wait for the next trailer.

Miles Teller stars as Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Kate Mara stars as Sue Storm (Invisible Woman), Michael B. Jordan stars as Johnny Storm (Human Torch), Jamie Bell stars as Ben Grimm (The Thing), Toby Kebbell stars as Victor Domashev (Doom), with Reg. E Cathey as Franklin Storm, and Tim Blake Nelson as the villainous Mole Man.

Fantastic Four will release on August 7, 2015


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