Neill Blomkamp or Matthew Vaughn – Who Will Have the More Successful Career In Directing?

About a half decade ago, Neill Blomkamp and Matthew Vaughn were two up and coming directors who quickly made a name for themselves. One revitalized a popular comic book franchise that desperately needed a jump, and the other brought new life into the sci-fi genre. Looking down the road, the trajectory for both Directors are certainly going up, but I couldn’t help but ask THE question. Who will have the more successful career in directing? 


I was first introduced to these guys when their breakout films released into theaters, with Vaughn’s ’10 comic book film Kick Ass, and Blomkamp’s ’09 sci-fi film District 9. Both films I find spectacular in their own ways. I never seen a comic book film done like how Vaughn did Kick Ass, by making violence so much fun. Blomkamp gave District 9 such amazing effects to go along with an excellent story on such a small budget. Both films found success and quickly put the spotlight on each director, as critics then anticipated their next moves.

Their follow up films, however, went in different directions. Vaughn’s ’11 comic book film, X-Men: First Class surprised a lot of fans. It was a well paced and directed film. Vaughn’s vision for the property successfully gave 20th Century Fox the reboot it was looking for. Blomkamp’s ’13 sci-fi film Elysium unfortunately didn’t live up to a lot of people’s expectations. Regardless of its problems, it was still a very ambitious film, and one that Blomkamp himself admits was a misfire. One point for Vaughn.

Vaughn is the latest to strike with this year’s Kingsman: The Secret Service, which was another hit both critically and financially for the director. As March begins, Blomkamp’s lastest sci-fi film Chappie is one of my more anticipated films for this month. Once that film releases we’ll know if the director has found his footing again. At the moment all signs are pointing to just that with the film’s latest trailer.


Looking ahead, it seems both directors are comfortable staying within their genres. Vaughn has a close relationship with Fox and is involved in all the studios comic book films, at the very least as a consultant. Its in the realm of high probability that he will direct another X-Men film. Blomkamp on the other hand has made film fans very excited after announcing that he will direct an Alien film. Although its not confirmed at the moment, its believed that Alien franchise star Sigourney Weaver will sign on so she can give the character a proper ending.

So maybe its too early to tell who will have the more successful career as a director. While Vaughn is on a hit streak with his comic book films, I cannot ignore Blomkamp’s ambitious projects. I’m excited to see what else these directors have in store for us in the coming years. As for THE question, while I think both will continue to find success, I have to go with Blomkamp. He does have a hit and a miss in my book, but I think he understood why Elysium was a miss. Going forward with Chappie and Alien, I think those will be his one-two punch that will propel him higher than he’s ever been. Of course I could be wrong, but that’s how I see it.

Who do you think will have the more successful career in directing, and why? Let us know below!

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  1. Matthew Vaughn by a long shot. Personally, I have yet to like anything Blomkamp has done. I hope he doesn’t screw up the new Alien, I hope it’s good. As for Vaughn, I’m sure he’ll do the Kingsman sequel, but I’m crossing my fingers he’ll do a Star Wars spin-off at some point. His style would be so, so cool in the Star Wars universe. Maybe even a movie like Inhumans as well…

    • Yeah, these early reviews for Chappie got me feeling like an idiot. I just hope its better than Elysium. That way I can feel better about his plan for Alien.

  2. I think Chappie will be a huge tell tell, and I really want it to be good. Neil Blomkamp admitting that Elysium could have been better is a good sign, coping with success is easy, but rising out of relative failure isn’t. Vaughn has had success, so like you said, time will tell…

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